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Article plainly discusses the integration of Total Quality Management (TQM) Principles in an organization to aid organizations in defining its corporate strategy. 
Topics: TQM, Total Quality Management, Quality, quality, organization, strategy, corporate strategy,...
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Dec 22, 2016 South African Military Health Service
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South African Military Health Service paramedic extrication of casualty
Topics: Military, Tactical Medicine, TacMed, South Africa, Ops Medic, Soldier, Operational Medicine,...
Iraqi is an Arabic middle eastern country which has largely been isolated from the world due to years of conflict and political turmoil. The results led to Iraq not having full knowledge and exposure to international business practices including that of quality being used as competitive advantages in business practices. Previous work by Iraqi academics on the impact of international QMS (Quality Management System) practices have deduced that there were many barriers to implementation of...
Topics: Iraq, oil & gas, quality management, ISO 9001, sme
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Oct 4, 2016 South African Military Health Services
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Periodical of the South African Military Health Service
Topics: south african, military medicine, extrication on battlefield, tactical medicine